The Mobogenie app is an ideal app that will help find anything that you want. The great app store has over 1.2 million apps and games, over 600,000 free wallpapers, and more than 400,000 free ringtones. Mobogenie has a wide range of features and is undoubtedly the most versatile Android application. The app has a user-friendly interface that is smooth, effective and it supports over 23 major languages across the globe.

The Mobogenie application is a leading app that is effective in providing clients with an interface to connect your Android device to your PC. In regard to this aspect, the app will sync your applications with Mobogenie and users can download applications on their PC and sync them to your phone. It will also make changes on your device right from your PC with a single necessity of a data cable. However, users should install the app on both your phone and PC for the best experience.

Features of Mobogenie

  • Manage and edit contacts easily– the Mobogenie app is ideal for adding new numbers, editing existing data, and deleting unnecessary contacts.
  • No login or registration required– this a feature that is well thought of by the developers making it easy to use with no passwords to remember. Users can also create their own <mobogenie> to share with family and friends.
  • Unlimited downloads of apps– the app is a completely unique app store that users can download any app they like especially the ones that are not found in other stores. The app also has music, videos and other interesting mobile resources that are updated frequently.
  • Recommendation engine– unlike other Android apps the Mobogenie app will automatically select Android apps based on your personal preference.
  • Backup and restore– the app is an effective tool and it will backup your data with a single click. Users of the app should also not be afraid to lose their phones or switch to another device because the app will restore your data in a click.
  • Manage your phone with your computer from the app-Mobogenie gives users much of the ADB functionality without the stress of mastering commands and syntax. The app is really helpful when you have high-speed internet on your computer but your phone has 2G connectivity.
  • Sync applications– the app will sync any apps you choose and you are entitled to not downloading them fresh. Users will simply regain their progress after recovering your apps.

Tips and Tricks of Mobogenie

Desktop manager for your inbox

The Mobogenie app is ideal for sorting and arranging texts through its managerial skills. It is also ideal for sending several texts to different people at a go. This is a convenience because texts will no-longer pile up dotted with ads and other unnecessary notifications.

Speed up your device

The Mobogenie app is ideal for cleaning up the mobile phone memory and this aspect is known to make your Android device perform faster. The clean-up effect will save on your battery power and make your device more durable and easier to operate. It will also help in debugging which might have temporarily slowed down the performance of your Android device.

You Tube Downloader

The Mobogenie app has an in-built YouTube downloader that is effective and users need not scout for a secondary YouTube downloader after installing the app. This is an aspect that our Android team deems fit unlike when we use to download many different apps that only served a single purpose.

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Download for Phone


Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.

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